The year was 1779 in Paris, France, when the history and foundation of Sant Blanc would begin. A French clock maker and mathematician, Gaston Sant Blanc, crafted a complicated clock movement. Gaston was self-educated, ambitious and years ahead of his time. He continued his work in Paris where he crafted innovative micro movements and complicated pocket watches.

In 1895 Gaston Sant Blanc's grandson, Herschel Gaston Sant Blanc, followed in his grandfathers footsteps. Herschel grew up to be a master watchmaker who continued his grandfather's work in the development of complications in period micro sized movement pocket watches. Herschel's great endeavor was to craft smaller, more accurate time keepers. 

In 1899, In his pursuit of creating smaller timepieces, Herschel Sant Blanc developed a wristwatch for ladies. It was a delicate wristwatch with an elegance and appeal that gained it recognition as Parisian high fashion. This stylish, all gold, ladies time keeper on a bracelet was designed and made entirely by the Sant Blanc family.

A century later, In 1999, a descendant and great grandson of Sant Blanc continued the legacy and began to offer fine, luxury Swiss Made watches and timepieces on the internet. Today, Sant Blanc is headquartered in the United States and is still led by Sant Blanc's great grandson Mr. Jon Todd.